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Fenris Brood 1: Rengard Burns

Fenris Brood: a Chaos Legion that broke off of the Space Wolves during the Horus Heresy. They believed strongly that what they do is right, and that the Imperium of Man must fall. They also had great pride to their home-world Fenris. Master Fang was one of Leman Russ' Wolf Lords, and broke off from the chapter when Horus came to power. Fang took his company, the 14th and defected. They were stricken from Imperial records, and they disappeared into the warp...


"We come out of warp, Master," the servitor said. It turned around. "Shall I make preperations to attack?"

"That won't be nessicary, Krick," the beast behind him said. Master Fang, a gargantuan man standing eight feet tall, wearing armor that seemingly doubles his size, stood. "I make my own preperations. The men are hungry for blood." He was dressed from head to toe in the armor of an Astardes Terminator, however it had been twisted and contorted by the strange powers of the warp. Horns grew off of it and skulls from previous battles adorn his metal exo-skeleton. Fang has almost become one with his armor, his second skin. It bore the symbols and colours of Fenris Brood Legion: dark gray-blue and dirty gold, with psycho, rabid looking wolves. They pictured the spirit of Fenris, their home planet, and the design and desires of its brood.

Fang turned and walked out of the bridge into the hallway, more horrifying than the space before. The walls were covered in blood and the skins of fallen enemies. Daemonic mutations spewed out of the walls. The toxins floating in the air would kill any mortal man not blessed by the Chaos Gods. The dark corridor was lit only by dim red lights on the ceiling. After a short walk he turned onto the comms deck, another section of the bridge. as he entered an armored warrior turned. "My lord, is it time?" the less armored warrior asked.

"Yes." Fang muttered. He wrenched a microphone from its craddle and shouted, "Warriors of Fenris, Men and Daemons, are you ready for war?" These words were met by a roar that reverberated throughout the ship. "Are you prepared to taste the fear of these pety mortals?" Another roar. "Is it time for their blood to spill?" The noise that followed would cause any sane man to soil himself. It was the war-cry of Fenris Brood, the blood-thirsty call for genocide. "For the Blood God Khorne, the Skull Throne, and Fenris!" These words were repeated, and grew louder and more powerful with each repetition.

Fang put the microphone back and briskly walked out into the hallway again. 'They are ready,' he thought. He made his way to the other end of his ship 'Spirit of Fenris' where the war hanger was located. He came out onto the balcony overlooking the hanger than took up half the ship. There he could see his legion mounting into their transports, all shouting and screaming prayers to the Gods. Drakon, Fang's bloodfeeder, pulsed with hunger. "In time, Drakon, In time."

As the last of the loading was being completed, Fang was approached by his Brood Guard, his most trusted men. "Master... Can we leave now? My claws thirst..." Klane said. This comment was met with agreement from the rest of the armor-clad Terminators.

The Master eyed them over. "Yes," he said. "It is the dawn of blood for Rengard. For Khorne!" He shouted. His men replyed with howling screams of bloodlust. They quickly made their way to Fangs personal transport, bearing the marks of Khorne and Fenris Brood. They hopped on and got ready. The doors of 'Fang' closed promptly, as Fang himself made his way up to the cockpit.

The servitor pilot turned and said "One minute to takeoff, Master."

"Very good. They will not forget this day."

With that, the Fenris Brood Legion descended apon Rengard. The furious fire of maelstorm warp daemons pelted the planet from orbit, and as 'Fang' plummeted to the surface, Master Fang could see the destruction that he was causing. "It is a good day to die, mortals," he said in his thundering daemonic voice. The Brood Guard roared in approval of Fang's words. "A great cleansing is coming," he annouced. "The men, women and childen shall cease to exist, they shall become sacrifices for the skull throne, for Khorne!"

The 'Fang' shook violently as it fell through the atmosphere, falling through the blood red clouds. The Legion broke through and they could see the ground of Rengard, it's feeble planetary defense forces attempting to muster up a defense against the slaughter that was their destiny.

"Thirty seconds to land. Have a nice day," said the servitor. Fang could feel the excitement vibrating off his brother's armor. He knew this battle was already won. He let out a final roar as the ship landed and doors creaked open. These mortals knew not what was in store for them.


"Let not a single traitor lay taint on our sacred ground!" the Brother Captain shouted. The company of Fire Lords residing on Rengard stood at attention in the presence of Brother Captain Davion. The Fire Lords were stationed here as word of impending Chaos attack reached the people. This comapny, the Destrovar, came with the support of two other companies stationed on different location on the planet. However, Davion's company was firmly intrenched in this area, along with four regiments of Rengard's finest fighting men. 'The Chaos chose the wrong place to land,' he thought, looking into the sky.

The preliminary bombardment destroyed multiple companies of guardsmen, spewing their schorched remains all over the plains. Khorne was pleased, and this was only the beginning; the Space Marines knew it. Davion was an extreme loyalist, as most all Space Marines of the Imperium are. But even his faith was wavering at the fact that the men of Rengard were not ready to fight. The planet itself was situated inside the galactic borders of the Imperium, and therefore have had very few attacks of this nature. The planet was a developing one, being turned into a factory planet to stock the Administorium. This was a long way off but faith in the Emperor here was strong. That is the only way they could have mustered this amount of forces within a week. The Captain sighed. Conscripts, for the love of the Emperor. That is what he had to fight off a Legion. Not just any Legion but a Legion with the guts to strike within the Imperium. Not even Alpha nor the World Eaters have done such a thing. How they even managed to get here via the warp was a mystery to Davion.

The Legion ships landed in the smoke and bloody mist under a hail of lasgun fire. "Space Marines, attack!" Davion commanded.


Fang let out a deep, horrifying laugh as the las-fire bounced off his armor. His ship had already taken off, along with the other ships. They would be back with more men and more armor. The Fenris Brood made a wild advance towards the guardsmen's lines, with only two or three of the hundreds of marines falling to them. There was fear in those soldiers eyes, as doom approached. Commissars shouted primers and executed officers at the same time, men were starting to run away. But it was no use. After about a minute of running, the Legion was apon them.

The Master was first to reach them, Drakon swinging through the air, landing the first bloody blow on a young mans head. Drakon claimed his soul and spilled his blood as the mans head exploded and his body was cleaved in two. Blood splattered onto Master Fang's armor, enticing him to swing more. A Commissar came at him, challenging his might. Fang threw his fist, breaking the fools skull. He was still alive, however; unacceptable. Fang strode over calmly to the bleeding man, shots boucing off his armor, his Legion massacring the mortals around him. The Lord picked up the Commissar by the neck and stared right into his eyes. "Where is your Emperor now?" he shouted, seconds before he crushed the mans neck and fed Drakon with a quick swing, severing the man into three pieces. Fang let out a howl that was mimicked by his Legion and could be heard for miles over the screams, gunfire and explosions.


"Get into cover, damnit!" Commissar Forely's voice was hoarse with screaming at his men. They were cowards, every one of them. However the execution of their commanding officer was enough to whip them into shape. They all dove into a trench, among other squads and wounded men. "Fire, you cowards! Do you want to live forever?!"

The men jumped up to the trench wall, firing at the chaos advancement. They could see the blood flying into the air from back here. "There goes the first line!" a private yelled.

"Silence! Stay in line, keep your weapons and heads up! Keep firing! The Emperor is with us!" Forely was shaking slightly. Before now his faith in divine power was absolute. Now even he was wavering. He stepped up out of the trench and held his sword high, and the men cheered. "Men of Rengard! This is your day! Like your forefathers you are here defending your homeland! This is sacred ground! They are tainting it! Will you let them?" He yelled the last four words with increasing intensity, and the men were firing into the marines advancing. "Emperor help us," he whispered to himself. The ground was rumbling all around them.


The Land Raider drove over the ground, jumping over the trenches. Men ran out of the way of the mechanized onsluaght of Space Marine armor. "Brother Davion," the techmarine said. Davion was sitting with his terminator brothers in the vehicle. He muttered prayers under his breath. "Brother!" the marine said agian.

"What is it?"

"We are about to reach second line. First line was already completely desimated."

"Be ready, brothers." Davion said calmly, and went back to his prayers.


Drakon spilled anothers blood with a swift movement through the air. The poor guardsmen were torn to pieces by the Brood Guard's lightning claws. Screams filled the air as Fang and his guard moved against second line. The trench was deep and olid slugs from autocannons flew from behind the lines. It tore into some of the power armour, but The Master and the Guard were better protected.The slugs bounced right off into the enemy lines, killing the young men unfortunate enough to poke their head out of the trench. Just as Fang was about to leap into the trench to draw blood for Khorne, a Land Raider burst from the smoke, guns blazing. It grinded to a halt, and the doors swung open, revealing five Terminator armoured Loyalists and a Captain. Fang roared, happy that he had a worthy adversary. The Brood jumped over the trench to challenge the new adversaries. The rest of the legion clashed with the Fire Lords with extreme fervor, making the ground tremble with the carnage exploding between the two armies. Fang charged the Captain, who in turn was running at him.

"You will not make it past me, heretic!" Davion shouted. He raised his hammer to crush Fang, but found that his swing was parryed by the daemon axe he wielded. Davion jumped to the side, dodging Fangs counter attack.

"Death to the Emperor, loyalist scum!" roared Fang, faining an axe swing and punching Davion across the face. "Hah! What now, fool?"

Davion stumbled slightly from the force of the punch. He regained balance and licked his bleeding lip. His face hardened and he hoisted his hammer into attack stance. "Do not tempt me, heretic," he spat. The ground was shaking from the violent fighting surrounding them. Terminator juggernauts clashed all around them, as well as firefights between the two main forces. The two tuned this all out, however; both warriors were focued on the here and now of the battle. They stared eachother down, each waiting for the other to make a move.

Fang grew tired of waiting, and this, he believed, was a sign of cowardace from the Captain. He charged him, axe raised in a fury, underneath the blood red sky. Davion readied his hammer, preparing for a counterattack which never came. The daemon weapon caught his armour, slashing him down the middle. The loyalist jumped back, a gash across his armour that would have severed him in two had he not reacted. The twisted metal bubbled and sizzled from the daemonic energy that was Drakon. Fang brought Drakon to his shoulder. "Did you really think you could best me, mortal?"

"You give your false gods too much credit, heretic," Davion shouted back, "You! You are a disgrace to Fenris!"

Fangs eyes flashed with melevolence. "We shame our home? Foolish mortal. We! Are! Fenris!" He roared with the might of Khorne and Drakon lunged at Davion. The axe bounced off of Davions hammer, raised to block just in time. But it was no good, Fang's fury was now at a boiling point. His armoured fist grabbed the hammer, despite its burning of the Chaos energies bound to him. He yanked it out of Davion's hands and threw it aside. Davion had a look of defeat on his face as he stared into Fangs eyes.

They said nothing to eachother. All around them, Fire Lords were struck down by the might of Fenris Brood. "The Emperor's followers will claim your life," Davion said defiantly, "You can kill me but you can not kill us all!"

The Chaos Lord laughed heartily. "Fool. Your petty words are useless. Your Emperor has left you and your men. This planet, like all the others, will fall. The Imperium is dead, Brother. It's too bad that its too late for you."

"No... It's too late for you," said the marine. To the sky, Davion mutters," On my position, Brother."


Forely watched as everything around them started to glow. The battle was fierce but it was clear that the Fire Lords were lost. He and his men looked to the heavens, where the red sky began pulsing with light. Forely turned to his men. "It was a pleasure serving." He said calmly. The men cried out in fear as the light struck the ground around them, wiping them from existance.


"Give me time, damn it!"

"The Emperor has given you enough time. Keep digging. He has to be here somewhere."

The power armoured marine stood over the guardsmen, forcing them to dig. The ground was still smoking from the bombardment. Bodies and debris was littered everywhere, making the wasteland look even more dead than it already was. An excavation was being made on the glassed site, hoping to find living remains of their battle brothers. So far they have come up emptyhanded, only finding melted slag, remenants of their brother's power armor among the wreckage of the dead.


Fang sat above on the Spirit of Fenris IV, arms crossed. He had barely managed to escape the bombardment, and had suffered great casualties. The Chaos Gods would not be pleased by this defeat, but the Brood Lord was not finished yet. A smart wolf knows when to lick its wounds, so Fang returned to the Warp, vowing to destroy Rengard before he was through.


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