Monday, June 20, 2011

Post fathers day business.

Sorry I haven't been on in while. Its been a pretty crazy week, to be honest. I spent a lot of Monday writing and stuff, then went over to K's house and played the new system of HoE with him and J. Got a lot done, did some absolutely crazy shit that we didn't really see coming. We stayed there all night, and just stayed up playing Settlers of Catan with K, J, T, and W. It was ridiculous.

And that night really defined my week. I was pretty god damned tired for the rest of it... Found out about a job opportunity. Kind of a school/work hybrid at the shipyard. I didn't realize how fucking huge that place is till Saturday. Like I didn't realize that the whole county I live it is/was based around that place. Learn somethin' new, right?

Anyway, it seems like a really good program. Four years of school and work, for an associates degree and a journeyman grade in whatever trade I choose. I'll prolly choose electrical engineering or something to that regard, mainly cause I know I have interest in that. Its exciting. As soon as my fucking internet works I'll apply.

So back to writing. I am going to take a bit of a rest on HoE stuff for a bit, half because I am still trying to explain away some game mechanics that don't lend well to a narrative, and half because I don't really know if its okay to do. So instead I've been brainstorming and playing around with a sci-fi setting, near future kind of thing. I have a setting worked out, and the rest I'm just making up as I go along.

Fathers day... God. Its ironic how busy it was for me, especially seeing as I don't even KNOW my father. But I still had a good time with my grandparents and uncle... We sat around and smoked some meats and cheeses for three hours and talked about random crap. It was nice. Didn't end up eating any of it though... I think it's funny that we spent three or more hours trying to figure this fucking smoke-box out, and got some really rad smelling food out of it, and then we went to a Mexican restaurant in downtown. My hands still smell like fucking burning alder. Worth it.

The day before my other grandparents and I went to B-town, down by the waterfront. A new place opened up, this bar & grill type place. It wasn't bad, I heard, but my meal was... Not the best thing ever. I don't know about you guys but I LOVE eggs benedict. Hands down my favorite breakfast. And this place had, like, three kinds. There was traditional, like... some mushroom one, and a salmon one. And I sat there like, 'God, when am I EVER going to be able to try salmon eggs benedict again?' so I ordered it. It... It would have been better smoked. Like, it was good salmon, good everything, but the salmon's flavor didn't add to or contrast the rest of the dish. It was just another texture. And I hate 'just another texture'. So it had very little flavor... Which is too bad, but at least I can say I had it.

Heavy Rain: I picked that shit up on Friday, beat the hell out of it by like 11pm Saturday night. I got a good 9 or 10 hours out of it, and believe you me this: it was totally amazing. I was freaking out. The fight scenes just drove me to the edge of my seat, I was constantly afraid I was gonna miss the next button press and my dude was gonna die. And the voice acting and character animations were top notch, which is good, because the game depends on good storytelling and good, believable characters to get its point across, which it did well. I don't cry much, but this game almost made me at a few points. Maybe cause I'm more sensitive to the whole 'father son relationship' cause I never had one, but still. It's moving. If you have a PS3 and like $30 (thats about how much it is at GameStop right now, new), I highly suggest getting it.

713 words. I'll make a poem to finish this off using three lines, 7 syllables, 1 syllable, 3 syllables.
Fizzing Diet Pepsi is


  1. I can't wait for new content.

  2. I enjoyed the 713 words. The poem is perfect by the way.

  3. the bussnis is wey interesant

  4. 713 words don't seem as long while you're writing them.

    Anyway, glad to hear that you enjoyed your father's day, albiet lacking the guest of honour.

  5. Great post.