Friday, July 1, 2011

At weeks end...

Psytrance (or progressive trance, i guess... nitpick) (this mix)... Oh man. Almost makes me fall asleep. Which prolly isn't a good thing, cause I am really tired... Woke up at 5 to head into the city to go see a live taping of this radio show I listen to. It's like, Seattle's news, and makes me feel connected, even though I live pretty far from it. It's like the one thing that makes me constantly remember that in the next year, I'm going to be living there, if shit starts working out.

So I'm on the ferry right now, typing this all out on my iPod. Later, when I get home, I'll email this to myself and upload it..

Mm, Costco muffins. Picked one up a the local coffee shop, Angel has the best stuff. I mean, yeah, it's Costco, but right next to it she has cookies and granola bars from the bakery down by the docks, and I gotta give her credit for that. I wish I went there more often than I do now. Like I used to. When I had a job and could afford it.

Yoshi is still there every time I go. It's hard to talk to him now that I've worked for him (albeit the short, two day stint). He never called me back, and being the kind of person I am, took it to mean that I wasn't good enough or something. And to he fair, he's right: landscaping isn't my thing.. Never was, never will be. I'm okay with mowing lawns, but weeding is a war I can never win... Every time you pull them the keep coming back: the perfect enemy. Knowing them, I've come to love them. Their persistence, their constant struggle to survive. So close to Raman, so close to Varelse. So I just don't want to do it anymore. Not because I'll never win, no, but because the struggle itself is pointless. Nature should take its own course. I wish plant-life had the chance to run free.

I was listening to NPR this morning. They were talking about this festival in New Hampshire called porcupine festival or something. Sort of an anarchist/libertarian burning man. Sounds really cool, they've basically created a community for one week a year, with it's own currency and what not, as free from the government as possible. I made a deal with myself that along with burning man, someday I'll go to the porcupine festival.


So Weekday was really good. Got a free copy of Visqueem's album (they were the music act), got to speak with Sherman Alexie (for those of you who don't know him, he's the guy who wrote The Absolutely True Diaries of a Part-Time Indian) and I shook his hand. God I hate being the starstruck type, but I can't lie, it was pretty awesome.

Some ska band was playing at the steps, while we had lunch. Goddamn, food does not sound good right now anymore.

There is such a large amount of just absolutely stunning girls in Seattle. It's driving me mad, being totally separate from that life. Not just hit girls, but I mean the whole city-life thing. It's a bit of an enigma for me, cause I've lived in small towns all my life, and I'm sure that the second I spend my first night in m own place in Seattle, the novelty will wear off, and I'll miss the quiet monotony of the country. But KTown is hardly country, where I am. It's just heavily wooded, ghetto almost suburbs. God, I so want to leave. But I need a job first. Or some other form of income. Maybe I should blow the last 20$ in my checking account on lotto tickets. That might be more fruitful than a job search in Seattle, while I live so far away.

So that's what's up, I guess. I plan on putting more effort into this, because why the fuck not? Anyway... Yeah. 


  1. City girls are truly a different breed, good luck finding one that isn't a stupid B-

  2. I tried the lotto ticket profit method but it never worked out for me.