Monday, July 18, 2011

Lack of focus.

I've been noticing that lately i havn't been writing like i'd like to. Maybe cause i'm so focused on getting a job right now. I'm waiting to hear back from an HR guy about whether or not i got the job. I hope i did, i really do. but i cant know. not yet, apparently.

im getting so anxious. Ive been feeling the suspense for days now. Its driving me mad... Arrggghh.

Meanwhile ive been having these crazy star trek fantasies. Not like Kirk era, but Picard era. i want to explore the heavens. But alas, we have to figure out shit out down here before we can tangle with the infinite black.

Im trying to get myself and my friend to collaborate on a screenplay. but hes so busy that i cant really see him, let alone talk to him. whatever. his loss, i guess.

This apprehension is just... killing me. That guy needs to call and just let me know, yes or no. This waiting... Unbearable.
I want my job search to be over. so badly.

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  1. Hope you find a job soon man. Its tough out there, I would know. :P