Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving Forward

I've spent pretty much all day looking at colleges. Evergreen looks pretty rad, I hear good things about it, and the way they do their majors is totally unique and I like it a lot. I'm still debating with myself whether or not its a good idea to invest in an education in sound engineering... Mainly because from what I hear, its nigh on impossible to make a living with your own studio. Especially in today's economy. Which is really too bad, because i have a passion and skill in that field. But... Do i do what makes me happy, or do i do what makes me money? That's the question I've been grappling with for awhile now. I think I'm starting to realize that I'm really not going to do something if i don't think it'll make me happy. Now, i don't mean that in a selfish way at all. I just mean in terms of money and careers. And if i have a talent and passion for music production, then why in hell shouldn't i go for it? Its not like there aren't jobs out there, in fields that I'd be interested in working in. I mean hell, to name a few big mediums for this trade: film, video games, music, marketing... Sound production and engineering is something that all multimedia productions require, and with the stricter copyright laws, engineers have to work harder (or smarter) to create ORIGINAL content for each and every new game, film, and commercial, in lieu of paying for media rights. So with that in mind, i really see no reason to not hop in feet first all the way, cept, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that once i finish with school, I'll have mounds of debt AND no job prospects.... I guess i could always work at Guitar Center. haha.

And that's not a bad thing, in my mind. I'd love to work there. Really, I just want a job related to music... It says so on my plan.

Oh, yeah. I wrote up a 5 year plan for myself. Its pretty modest. it says "GET FAMOUS"

i kid, but only halfway, as it does say that in bold letters. :P
In five years, i want to be finished with school, have a full-time music related job, i want to live in Seattle independently, and have an active music group. Its all doable, but not from where I'm sitting right now. I need to get the fuck up and get started. and so that's why I've been looking at schools again. This is probably the fourth time I've started applying to Evergreen. But i hope i follow through with it this time. Cause whats going on right now is NOT working out...

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