Monday, July 18, 2011


This could be the loudest library I've ever been in.. But maybe its just the other parts, the part I'm in is actually pretty quiet, minus the tapping at keyboards and the occasional flip of a page.

I've been here, what, since 1PM? Its getting on towards five now, then I meet up with Osiris. Which I'm really excited for, I haven't seen him since the new years party we helped throw. When I say we, I mean I only helped... By handing out fliers. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. Haha. But really, I felt pretty good about it. I got a few friends to help and MM let us in for free. Free parties? Can't complain.

Osiris and I really didn't get much of a chance to just, hang out, you know? He was busy, I was...

And so we didn't see much of each other. But thats okay, I guess. So yeah, today we're hanging out. He's hosting a talk on the Kaballah at his house. A teacher is going to be leading it, his house is just the venue.

I have no idea what the fuck the Kaballah is, but I'm interested to find out. The Mystery School that he's been a part of for ages is going to be there. And I'm just curious about it because, well, it IS a mystery. From how I understand it, they teach and learn about Hermetic philosophies, and metaphysics, and things like that.

I think.

Remember, it IS a mystery school, after all.

Oh man. So I went in for an interview yesterday, lasted around an hour and a half, and now the guy is calling past employers. That wouldn't matter so much if my last official job wasn't a traumatic experience, or if the other person I listed on my resume wasn't my grandfather. I guess the HR guy for the job called Grandpa, so... I guess he wants to talk about that.

I don't know what there is to say, you know? I assume it went well. I TOLD the HR guy that CFJ is my grandpa's studio... For some reason I feel that a world of shit is about to fall on me.

Thirty minutes. I want to pack up, and let the next part of my day begin, but I know that if I get up, that if I go and call grandpa, the conversation will be over in like, five minutes. Then I'll have about 20 minutes to wait and loiter in from of the SPL. I don't want to tempt fate in the big city... Not today.

Whole Foods Market in Seattle is sooo legit. They make the BEST sandwiches. After the interview today at GCS, (which I HOPE went well), I wandered down to Westlake & Denny and had lunch at the Whole Foods there. I had a sandwich: multi-grain bread, peppered turkey, mayo, avocado, and pepper jack cheese. Toasted. Delicious.

I also started making a D&B song, at 190BPM. Its interesting. Huge influence from B-Complex's 'Beautiful Lies'... I'll link it when I post this, which will probably be tomorrow, Thursday, July 14th. But it'll actually be Monday, July 18th.

So yeah. Maybe I should just stop, and listen to This American Life episode 218. my favorite episode. Listen to it. Hell, I'll link that one too. :P why the fuck not?

Peace, all.

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